Stacey M. Kananen

Free or Not Free

Even though a court of law and a jury of my peers found me innocent of my charges, the real world that I live in daily looks at me in a different light. It is sad that people don’t believe in our justice system and the truth. I have frequently, especially with family, been treated differently. How does a person cope with that?

I go to therapy weekly and have learned to believe in the person that I am and not what others say. After all the abuse of my childhood, one would think that I would want to stay in the shadows and not be heard from or seen. For me, being in the forefront and speaking out about abuse and its effects on families, especially children, shows the world a person who is confident and ready to take on the naysayers of my innocence.

I am a person who will continue to speak out about abuse and the damage it does to the core of a family. Follow me with my Blog, Twitter, Amnesty From Abuse site, and on Facebook.



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