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Five years after “Not Guilty”

It is hard to believe that March 10, 2015 is the five year anniversary of my not guilty verdict. It is so hard to look back and fathom what that time was like. First, in 2007, I was arrested for a murder I didn’t commit. Then I waited three long years, with an ankle bracelet on, for the trial to … Continue reading

I chose to be gay

If you’ve read my book, Fear of Our Father—a true story of abuse, murder and family ties, then you know that I am openly gay. You will have read that I chose to be in a romantic relationship with another woman because of the sexual abuse inflicted upon me by my father, and that I’m … Continue reading

Thank you for Fear of Our Father’s great reviews

Well, Fear of Our Father has been out for a month now, and the book sales have been exciting to see. We’ve been on various best sellers lists on Amazon, in various genres, and as I write this today we’re hovering at the higher end of the Top #100 Best Sellers overall.This is gratifying because … Continue reading

Child Abuse Awareness month

Well another month has come and for many the weather is improving. For many victims of abuse, the winter months bring more and more abuse. The weather, the holidays, whatever the excuse may be for the moment. Springtime brings a new peace for some, yet it only lasts for a short time. For my family, … Continue reading

Three years after the verdict: birthdays, books and TV shows

This month is one of happiness and yet so much pain and turmoil for me. It is happy because on March 12, 2010 the jury came back with the Not Guilty verdict in my murder trial. On the other hand, this month, my mom would have turned 75 if she hadn’t been killed in 2003. … Continue reading

Life after abuse holds hope for the future

Thank God I finally got a job after almost a year of dealing with background checks and suspicious employers. I can’t say I blame them–with so many people desperate for work to choose from–for passing on an applicant with a murder charge on her record, but most of them overlooked the “Not Guilty” outcome and … Continue reading

The aftermath that doesn’t add up

Stacey Kananen has been found not guilty. Why does society continue to punish her? (Today’s blog is being guest-written by Stacey’s co-author/biographer, Lisa Bonnice. Stacey is unable, due the circumstances you are about to read, to do it herself.) Over two years ago, Stacey Kananen was rightfully found not guilty of murder, by a jury of … Continue reading

A month of mixed memories

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how certain dates haunt me. I don’t know if all abuse survivors are like this, but one of my coping mechanisms while I was being attacked was to focus on counting syllables on my fingers to distract me from what was going on. While this method served its purpose for … Continue reading

Two years after the not guilty verdict …

Two years ago today I was found not guilty of murder. After a childhood of severe abuse at the hands of our father, my brother snapped and killed our parents. He then, for reasons I’ll never understand, accused me of helping him. Many dates, in this saga, have special meaning for me but today is … Continue reading

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